Hernandez, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc., et al.
Bankruptcy Discharge Settlement
05-CV-1070 DOC (MLGx)

Claim Form

Important: If you submitted a valid claim in the 2009 Proposed Settlement, you are not required to submit a Claim Form unless you wish to claim a different Monetary Award or choose a Non-Monetary Award. If you do not submit a Claim Form, you will be deemed to have submitted a claim for a Monetary Award corresponding to the election you made in the 2009 Proposed Settlement. If you opted out of the 2009 Proposed Settlement but now wish to participate, you will be able to do so by submitting a Claim Form.



If you would prefer to submit a Claim Form by mail, you can download a Claim Form and send the completed Claim Form to the address listed on the form.

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